Thursday, January 16, 2014

Characterize It {2}

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There's a different "theme" every week and you have to pick a character that you think best fits that theme. This week's theme is Wicked Witch of the West- Favorite Villian.

I have to give this one to Leah Smith from the Love Me With Lies Series!

Leah is vicious, vengeful, conniving thing of evil. I've never loved to hate any character more than I do with Leah. She's made me want to scream and shout and straight up slap her across the face for the things she's done. She seems to always be getting in the way of Caleb and Olivia's relationship. Just when you think things might be okay with two something happens and Leah is always involved one way or another. Dirty Red (book 2 in the series) might have made me sympathize with her and understand her a bit more but just when I started thinking "ok, she's not so bad" things explode and she turns out to be worse than ever. Tarryn Fisher created perfection with this series. It is easily one of my favorites (definitely top 3) and now I kind of want to go read them all over again. 

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