Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Books and Blogs and BookTube!

I've gotten back into book blogging and I seriously plan on staying this time. I've been reading a ton of books and I guess I just really need a place to talk about them so why not do it here. I read so many books last year and though I did review some of them I didn't actually stick with the blog for very long. 

Any way, it's and new year and this is one of my new year resolutions. 

Speaking of new, just a couple days ago I discovered Booktube. I don't know how I didn't know about this before considering I spend hours on the the internet and most of that time is either on Youtube or Goodreads. In case you don't know, booktube is basically a community in Youtube where people make videos and talk about books they read, bought, or are excited about. I found a video on my suggested videos list from booktuber polandbananasBOOKS and I watched as she talked about all these books she bought and drooled over the awesome book collection she had going in her shelf in the background then got addicted and went on a booktube binge. I've now added a few books to my TBR shelf and discovered great new sites to buy books for cheap. Woohoo!

One of these sites is and holy book heaven! You can buy books for so cheap on this site it's ridiculous. Most of the books I saw were around $5 and the site claims that their prices are 50-90% off the original price. That is crazy cheap! They also have a section called Scratch and Dent which has books that are slightly damaged and so their prices are even lower. I found a copy of Cinder by Marissa Meyer for $2.99 and Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover for $2.99! This is real  you guys! But obviously there is a limited number of books they have in stock so you need to buy them before they sell out. 

I have 9 books in my cart right now just under $35 plus shipping. Do you realized how crazy cheap that is? Let's do some math. Let's say they're all paperbacks and paperbacks generally go for around $10. That would cost me $90. 

I haven't clicked buy yet though because I'm not sure if I should be buying these books yet. Normally I get ebooks because they're cheaper but lately I've been really missing having a physical copy of the book and all those booktube videos have made me envy everyone's great book collection and now I want one too. I want to fulfill that dream of having a entire wall of floor to ceiling shelves filled with great books. The problem is that Winter quarter just started and I've got MCATs coming up and there is just so much on my plate right now in general so I'm thinking maybe I should hold back on getting these books. I know that if I get them I'm going to be so tempted to read them and I might just ignore the rest of what is going on in my life and that would most definitely not be good.

SIGH! Book lover problems I guess.

Sorry for the long random post. I'm about half way through Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout right now and will probably post my review on it sometime next week but until then I'll try to get my review of Obsidian up in the next couple days. Also maybe a post on The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series cause I am in love it and can't not talk about it.

Happy Readings!

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