Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Vincent Boys : Review

Book two in my three day marathon.

The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines


I can't choose between and 3 and 4 star rating so let's go with 3.5 (which I will put in as 4 stars just to give the book the benefit of the doubt).

Ash, Sawyer, and Beau have been friends since they were five. Ash and Beau were partners in crime and Sawyer was always the one getting them out of trouble. Then Ash and Sawyer start dating and the threesome's dynamic is disturbed. Ash changes herself for Sawyer and Beau and Ash's friendship is completely gone. One summer, while Sawyer is on vacation with his family, Beau and Ash rekindle their friendship and start coming to terms with other feelings that they may have had for each other all along.


I never though I would like a guy named Beau, but there's always a first, right?

Beau has had feelings for Ash for a very long time, the problem is that his cousin (who is more like a brother) got to Ash first. Now Beau has to sit on the side and watch Ash and Sawyer together. He loves Ash and knows that he would do anything for her. The summer that Sawyer is away, Beau basically has to decide if his love for Ash is greater than his love for Sawyer.

Ash feels like she has to be the perfect girl because her boyfriend, Sawyer, has the reputation of being the good boy. The problem is that Ash has a inner wild child side of her. Growing up she's never been the goody-two-shoes kind of person and Beau seems to be the only one that remembers that side of her. Maybe she's had feelings for Beau all along but its hard to do anything about those feelings when she's dating Beau's best friend/cousin and when Beau has basically spent the last three years ignoring her. Plus, Beau is the town bad boy and there is no way that the town's "good girl" can date him.

I love Beau's love for Ash and his protectiveness. I totally get Ash's conflicts in having feelings for Beau. I appreciated that the story took place over a few months rather than a week or even one month cause that's a whole lot of happening for just one month.

There's a lot of stuff that happens throughout the novel. Things you may see coming and things you might not. Secrets are revealed, the bigger one happened towards the end and left me with my jaw on the floor. I never saw that coming, though maybe I should have.

Of course, Beau isn't all bad. There are other sides to him, some sweet and some sad. If you can't tell already, Beau was kind of my favorite character in this book.

This novel had it's awww, OMG, and WTF moments. It even got a bit steamy in the beginning. I'll probably end up reading the sequel. I'm in no hurry though because it isn't exactly continuing the story. The sequel is from Sawyer and Lana's perspectives (whereas this was from Beau and Ash' POV). It'll be interesting to find out more about Sawyer and to see how his and Lana's dynamic is going to be. I have a feeling that it might/probably not/won't be as intense as Beau and Ash's was.


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