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Across the Universe : Review

Across the Universe by Beth Revis


 Amy has been cryogenically frozen, not to be awakened for another 300 years when the spaceship, Godspeed, lands on the new planet designated for human habitation. Things don't go according to plan and Amy is unfrozen 50 years ahead of schedule.
Elder is set to be the next captain of the ship, something he's known his whole life. As he trains under the current captain, Eldest, he begins to question the way things are run on the ship and becomes highly suspicious of Eldest for keeping so many secrets from him.
It turns that there might be a murderer on the ship who is trying to kill off the frozen people. Who is doing this? And why?


This book is an amazing combination of sci-fi, mystery, and romance. The pace was great. It just got faster and better as it went on, and if you know me, you know that the pace is a big part of whether I like to book or not.

Elder and Amy are completely different. Elder has grown up on a ship where everyone is now monoethnic. There is no diversity because, according to Eldest, "difference is the first cause of discord." Everyone aboard the ship, except for the frozen, all share the same olive skin, brown eyes, and dark hair. Most citizens on the ship don't know about the frozen and have never seen anyone with different features. Then comes Amy with her green eyes, pale skin, and red hair. She's nothing like what anyone's seen before and to most people she is a "freak" but to Elder, her differences are what make her that much more special.

Beth Revis does an amazing job portraying both sides of Amy's presence on the ship. We see what Amy feels when she's forced into life on this ship, a life completely different from what she was used to on Earth. Now, Amy's side is something we could understand because her life on Earth is closer to what our life on Earth is than what life on the ship is like. What was more impressive was also being able to understand the mentality of everyone else on the ship. The regular people and the "crazies" in the hospital ward, alike.

Elder and Amy's romance isn't really much of a romance at first. Elder likes her from the very beginning but Amy doesn't know that and when she does come to find out she isn't sure if he really likes her or if it's a result of some other influence. Really, their romance doesn't start till towards the end.

The mystery aspect in the story was amazing! I knew who the killer was from around the middle of the book. Well, okay, I didn't know but I had an idea/theory which turned out to be right. Also, my other idea/theory about the killer was also right! I also found the connection between the people the murderer tried to kill before Amy and Elder did. Not to say that the book is very predictable. I mean, maybe when you read the book you might figure it out early too but, even though I knew and had a really good idea of who it was, it was still really exciting when the revelation happened in the book. Usually, when a book is predictable and you figure things out ahead of time, then when the revelation actually happens, it seems dull and boring. That was not the case here. The revelation happened but there were also other things, secrets and such, that I didn't know about. There were so many other things that were brought to light that I didn't guess. It's like, just when you think you know everything, you realize that you really don't know everything.

The ending! WOW! There was so much happening towards the end of the book. The pace of this book was like a ball rolling down a hill. It starts at a decent pace but picks up more and more speed as it goes. Maybe as more mysteries/questions are presented, the ball gets bigger and a larger ball means more force and more speed. It was amazing. So many secrets! So many revelations! Up till the last page, it was, OMG amazing! I forced myself to stay up till 5 am just to finish it because I couldn't wait till I woke up to find out what happens in the last 15% of the book. I'm sure I would have been restless in my sleep and so I had to finish it.

My favorite character was Harley. He was really sweet and his story was really sad.

The Season was absolutely bizarre!! It was crazy and disgusting and I felt exactly what Amy was feeling. Grossed out and disgusted. I'm getting back those nasty visuals just thinking about it.

Also, can I just mention how great the cover is. The cover is great. It took me a little while to realize that there were actual faces on there. I love the stars, this is important because they kind of play a role in the story.

Knowing what I know now, I'm not sure what is going to happen in A Million Suns but I can't wait to find out. I have one theory but nothing to base it on so I'll just keep it to myself and let you know if I was right about this one too.

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