Friday, August 17, 2012

The Sky Is Everywhere : Review

I've been reading like a maniac lately which is why I haven't posted anything in three days. I've been reading a book a day (like a maniac) which means I have three books to write a review on. So, here's the first one.

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson


Lennie Walker has just lost her older sister, Bailey, due to a heart arrhythmia. Now, she is trying to deal with the aftermath of it all. In some ways she's angry at her sister for the secrets that she apparently been keeping. She is angry at herself for the feelings that she is feeling. Lennie isn't  sure where to go with her life without her sister being in it and now she's torn between lust for Tobey, her's sister's boyfriend, and first love for Joe, the hot new kid in school.
This is a story about loss, grief, and first love.


I'm going to be totally and completely honest and say that this book didn't really touch me. It's got everything it could possibly need to touch you on an emotional level, in a way that most books aren't able to do. For me, this magic just didn't happen. I didn't connect with Lennie. I didn't feel the sadness and grief she felt about losing Bailey. I didn't feel her anger. I didn't feel her love for Joe and I didn't feel her lust for Tobey. Maybe this is just because I've never experienced a loss like Lennie has, but still I would assume that loss is a unviersal feeling that everyone would understand even if they haven't experienced it first hand. Thus, when reading a book like this, people should just be able to "get it." Right?

All that aside, there were things I did like about the book. I loved Joe. He was the perfect dream guy/ first love. Lennie's initial descriptions of him were hilarious. (bat bat bat) I totally connected with him when he was angry at Lennie, later on in the book.

Tobey and Lennie's relationship was something that I did understand to some extent. The whole time I was reading about it, my head was thinking "No. No. No" but my heart was saying "awww."

Lennie's poems that are presented throughout the book are beautiful and the discovery about the poems at the very end was really sweet. My favorite ones were where she writes that her sister is looking down from heaven and listening to her music (Music is a big theme in the book) or even the one where she writes that her sister was the one who sent Joe for her.

All in all, the book wasn't bad by any means. It also wasn't the best sad books I've read. I didn't move me or touch me but it was a good read.

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  1. So there was a love triangle, right? At least i think so... My sister read this and she was saying to read it!read it! at me after she was done, and then I asked if there was anything bad that I would hate. She was like "well...there is a love triangle" but it doesn't sound so bad, at the same time, it doesn't sound that interesting.

    Great review and maybe i might read it if I have nothing better to read.