Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Top Five Favorite Things About Blogging

You would think that this list would be easier to make after being a blogger for over a year but somehow when I actually have to put it into words my mind decides to forget everything.

  1. Sharing my thoughts. After you read a book that really makes you feel things, you just really want to let all those feels out. Good and bad. And blogging is where I do this. Fangirling, venting, and everything in between all happens on my blog. And it feels so good!
  2. Talking to other book lovers. It's more fun to discuss those books with other people! There's something about being able to share your love for something with someone else that makes it that much more exciting.
  3. Discovering new things. Through blogging, particularly through booklr, I've discovered so many new books and series that I might not have otherwise. I've also read certain books because everyone else seemed to be loving it on booklr and this sort of peer pressure has only ended badly once or twice. I'd say that's a decent track record.
  4. Edits. I'm not too creative myself but that's okay because there are plenty of other bloggers who are and they make amazing edits for different books and characters. The edits also contribute towards me adding books to my TBR or pushing them further up on my TBR. And they make books that much more enjoyable by adding visual elements to the whole experience. Yay for edits!
  5. Looking back at my own posts. Is this a little self-centered? Maybe? But I really do like looking back at my own posts and reading my thoughts on different books. Especially if it's a book that's become a blur in my mind. Reading my old reviews kind of feels like reading old entries in my diary. "Oh! So this is what I thought about that!" and "Apparently I felt really strongly about this book that I don't even remember reading..."

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