Thursday, December 6, 2012

Procrastination and Books

Ok so I may have said in my last post was going to make  a new post that week. I also may have no actually posted anything in that week. I may also should be writing a final paper at the moment but have chosen to write this blog post instead due to lack of brain activity.

Okay guys, so I'm in college (sophomore year) doing pre-med and things are crazy. When I started this blog it was summer and I had  nothing better to do with my life. At the time I was writing a review on every book I read, soon after I read it, and I happened to read quite a lot of books over the summer. Since classes started in September, I've barely had any time to read. Well, actually, I've been doing a lot of reading but mostly mandatory class readings which are no fun. I've read maybe two books in the last three months. I don't know how I survived. On the bright side, I spent a lot of time this week on Goodreads browsing through my recommendations and now my to-read list is at 282 books! I wonder if there will ever come a day when that number will be 0, as in I've read all the books I've wanted to read. I doubt it. At the rate I'm adding books, my reading speed is never going to catch up. Besides, all my favorite authors are writing new books that I'm so unbelievably excited for and I'm discovering more and more great authors and series all the time. It's a never ending cycle/process.

I am blathering on. I think it might have something to do with this tiredness I'm feeling and the strong desire to not do anything productive as far as college is concerned. This weekend is going to really suck. I shall keep my reading to a minimum for the next week and when Thursday comes, after I finish my last final, I will be back to reading at full speed. I've already got a bunch of books lined up and I'll probably pick one that is guaranteed to be good just to kick things off nicely.
Until then, I will mention that I read Bloodlines and Girls in Pants since the last review.... No wait, I just checked I actually finished the Vampire Academy series, the first three books in The Mortal Instrument series, Rapture, Insurgent, Hush,Hush and The Selection. Yikes! I didn't realize there were so many. I probably won't be doing a review on any of them since it's been so long since read them but maybe I'll give a general idea of what I thought below.

Vampire Academy Series: loved it! So good! I didn't expect to like it so much but I did and Rose is perfect. Maybe one of my favorite characters.

The Mortal Instruments: It was OK. People get really excited about this series and I can kind of understand why but it didn't really live up to my expectations. I'll still be watching the movie though. I just can't pinpoint what it was exactly that kept this book from being great in my opinion.

Rapture: This whole series was very up and down for me. This was one of the better ones. I know a lot of people didn't like the ending but I thought it was great.

Insurgent: WOW! Perfection! AMAZING! I can't even begin to explain how in love I am with this series. Veronica Roth has not failed me yet. I had super high expectations for this book and it met all of them. Can't wait for the next one.

Hush,Hush: It was ok. Dull at times. I was expecting better. Fallen was a better fallen angel story than Hush,Hush

The Selection: The Bachelor meets the Hunger Games. That's what I was thinking while reading this book and I've read a lot of other reviews and discussions where people make the same comparison. It sounds like a horrible combination but somehow it works. I didn't like the ending though. It didn't seem like an ending to a novel so much as an ending to a episode on a tv show.

Girls in Pants: I was never that big of a The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but I read this just because I've read all the other ones and I was bored. The beginning was weird because the whole incident that changes their lives just felt wrong. I kept thinking there is no way that that would happen but it did and I struggled with actually accepting it. As I read on I realized that Anne Brashares just pulled a trick and made me feel exactly as the girls were feeling about the whole incident and the ending was just beautiful. I found Lena to be more relatable than ever. Bridget too.

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  1. Aw shame you didn't like the Mortal Instruments series! I'm one of those people who get really excited about it lol! ;)

    The Fallen series is also an up and down one for me too but I haven't read Rapture yet so I can't judge the ending.

    I really need to read The Selection - it sounds great!! :D

    Catherine @ The Book Parade